Working with HCI is a rewarding experience for our candidates and client companies. We take each assignment seriously as we understand that our work impacts people's lives. That is why when you talk, we listen and we care. As a candidate, our goal is to help you find the right opportunity to meet your criteria to further your career. We do this in a highly professional, confidential and low pressure manner.

At HCI Corporation, we know we do our job well as evidenced by the hundreds of successful searches we have completed throughout the years with both satisfied candidates and clients.
For our client companies, we listen to your needs and through our expertise, perseverance and hard work, we will find the right person for your position. At HCI, our most rewarding experiences are seen when the people we have placed experience career growth and advancement with your company. Partner with us and together, we will help build long term relationships.

  HCI Corporation is an executive search firm in the Biotech, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Actuarial industries. We are both retained and contingent to meet the needs of our clients. Together, our staff has over 60 years of recruiting experience, giving our firm the knowledge, expertise and reputation of finding great people, even in the toughest assignments. HCI has built an exclusive national network of over 50,000 contacts which enables us to explore every possibility when conducting a search. Our recruiting efforts are tailored to meet our client's special requirements and our solid research techniques help us identify the best potential candidates who possess outstanding skills and achievements within their company and industry.
  At HCI, we understand that the best way to service our clients is to begin by listening. We want to thoroughly understand your company structure, position specifications, requirements, timing and all critical information to perform an efficient and successful search. We dig deep into details, asking the right questions and paying close attention to your answers. At HCI, we go beyond finding the best candidate to be successful in your environment, to providing expert advice and guidance throughout the entire search process. Understanding your needs is the foundation of our business and we are committed to delivering superior, personalized service.
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